Chain Free Beaufort, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency located in Beaufort, South Carolina that seeks to rescue, rehabilitate, and find permanent loving homes for chained, tethered and penned domestic dogs of the Beaufort County area. Chain Free Beaufort, Inc. also aims to educate the public about the importance of eliminating the use of chaining dogs as a form of confinement. We also help educate the importance of spaying and neutering dogs to help control the overwhelming population of stray and feral animals.

Our agency is run by the help of volunteers as we have no paid staff on board. This allows us to utilize 100% of our donations as funds to help rescue and rehabilitate the dogs we rescue and educate the community we hold dear to us.

We want to thank the residents of the Beaufort and Jasper County areas for all that they have done and continue to do for the health and happiness of our rescued animals.  Your heroic compassion will not be forgotten.


Our Mission

We believe that no living being should be chained, tethered or penned their entire life especially if they have committed no crime!

Chain Free Beaufort is dedicated to stopping the inhumane and cruel practice of chaining dogs to stationary objects for their entire lives. We are a small 501c3 non-profit rescue organization located in Beaufort, SC dedicated to helping rescue chained and tethered dogs as well as educating our community about the importance of caring for our pets properly.

Imagine being chained to a tree year after year. You watch the door hoping someone will come play; no one ever does. You long to run, but you can only pace. You shiver in winter and pant in summer. Eventually, you stop barking. You have given up hope.

Think how you would feel if you were chained, tethered or penned in a small space for most of your life.

Our goal is to educate those who chain their dogs about the dangerous consequences that often result in a chaining situation. Please join our cause, the innocent animals of the world will love you for it!